Welcome to soultribe

Founded by two ocean lovers, we are a luxurious eco-conscious retreat nestled away on a sleepy palm tree soaked beach on the Philippine island of Siargao. Pack your flip flops and throw caution to the wind, paradise is waiting.


What we're all about:



The main focus of Soultribe is YOU. You are the heart and soul of why we we exist. So please expect to be pampered upon arrival. We focus on all the tiny details to make sure that your stay with us is beyond exceptional. All you have to do is relax and decide if you’re keen to get up for a sunrise surf or sleep in listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore outside of your private cabana.  


We didn’t pick the name Soultribe on a whim. Once you join us here you’ll forever be a part of us. Upon arriving you will be greeted with smiles and plenty of opportunities to connect with your fellow world travellers. Whether it’s sharing stories of adventure under the twinkly lights of our communal dinner table or feeling the collective energy of the class during one of our yoga classes, you will feel a part of our family.




There are many ideas of what wellness consists of. Here at Soultribe we believe health is about making conscious decisions that feel right to you and your body. This is why we provide everything you may desire to live out your definition of healthy. Whether it’s simply a swim on the beach, a yoga session in our shala, a green smoothie from our cafe, or a massage with our on site masseuse, there’s no way you won’t be glowing by the end of your stay here. 



Mother nature was the lead designer of our retreat and she also provides some of the best waves in the world just a short distance from our retreat. It only seems right we treat her with respect. This is why we try our very hardest to minimize our use of plastics and every decision we make keeps her in mind. We invite you to join us with this ideal. 




Inspiring spaces

The places we dwell have an impact on how we feel and how we spend our days. We took extra care to make sure our spaces allow you to feel inspired and relaxed. We promise you’ll wake up every day feeling as far away from the daily grind as possible.