Sugba Lagoon

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the jungle on a boat to find yourself in a tropical oasis with crystal clear deep blue water? Whether you've had this dream or not, chances are you will get what we mean when you visit Sugba Lagoon.


Sugba Lagoon is a definite must visit on your trip to Siargao, and dare we say it is our favorite? Hidden amongst a scattering of small islands outside of Siargao, there is something very magical about this lagoon.  

Sugba Lagoon, Siargao

You may be wondering what makes Sugba Lagoon so great besides the fact that it is surrounded by jungle and has beautiful turquoise blue water. We like to think it's because it truly is natures playground and it is easy to spend the entire day here enjoying the views.


Spend the day drifting on a bamboo raft or take a dive from the surprisingly high diving board, perfect for testing your adrenaline and getting epic pictures for your instagram. Let's just say you won't be bored. We might even have to drag you out of the water to enjoy your lunch.


What to bring:



Dry clothes for the journey back


Everything else is taken care of.


Come join us!


Brooke Mckallor