Our Favorite Surf Spots on Siargao


We are happy to say there is no lack of world class surf here on Siargao for those of you looking to get salty during your stay with us. Siargao has taken a top seat on the world map of surfing, especially since becoming a World Surf League destination. There are all sorts of breaks here that cater to anyone, from beginner to advanced. If you are looking for crystal wide open barrels then look no further, and if you are just getting started in the sport then don’t think twice, we have you covered. Below are a number of well known breaks to give you an idea of what is on offer. We also know of a few lesser known spots that we cant wait to share with you when you come and visit.


Cloud 9

If you know a bit about surfing in the Philippines then chances are you have heard of Cloud 9. The wave is a perfect A frame barrel that picks up any hint of swell, and the top quality reef can transform a few feet into wide barrels. It breaks both left and right, although the rights are by far the better of the two. This spot is not to be taken lightly as it is a very heavy and often crowded spot. Advanced surfers will have the time of their life here whereas intermediates may struggle. It is best surfed at mid to high tide, although some people take their chance at low tide, along with a dedicated group of bodyboarders. Even if you do not plan to surf here, it is worth coming to see such a mechanical wave ridden by the local shredders!




This is the next reef break along from Cloud 9, and it is named for its speed, not because of the surf brand! This wave is a great option for intermediates looking to improve their skills, and beginners can also enjoy this wave when it is small. The wave breaks mostly right and offers long peeling ride over the reef, but the left can also be a short and fast injection of fun. This wave is often much less crowded than Cloud 9, which adds to its appeal.



Further down from Quiksilver lays Tahiti, often overlooked due to its nearby brothers, but is always worth a look when peering out from the boardwalk. It is a right hander that breaks fast and gets shallow quickly. We have had a few amazing surfs here with nobody out!


Jacking Horse

You Guessed it, the next spot down from Tahiti! This is the last spot along this stretch of reef. As a wave approaches the reef it tends to jack up right at the last minute, like the name suggests, sending riders fast out of the take off. The shoulder often flattens out quickly but it is a hell of a fun wave. On bigger days it runs all the way down into the beach, becoming a more timid wave called Little Pony, which is a longboarders dream on its day.



Rock Island

Accessible only by boat, this wave breaks in front of a dramatic looking island and is the place to get an iconic tropical surfing picture. The spot is a right hander that offers long rides and when it gets big it becomes world class, with a number of fast and barreling sections. You’ll be sure to get a few waves of your life here.




This is essentially a left hand version of it’s neighbour Rock Island, and also has a dramatic picture worthy backdrop. Both of these spots are enjoyed from low to mid tide, and so are great options for when the mainland spots become too shallow.



There is something very addictive about this wave, whether surfing or just watching from land. With the right swell this spot produces incredible turquoise lefthand barrels that are sure to stay in your mind for weeks. Tuason is pretty heavy as it breaks over very shallow reef, so we suggest only surfing at high tide here. For beginners, there is a wave that breaks to the right side of the main break, and is often a good spot to learn when the swell is small.




Another one of our favourites. It reminds us more of a beach break due to its many shifting peaks. The reef sits far out from the beach and is accessible by a very short boat ride. It handles all sorts of swell size and is a much more forgiving spot than its neighbours. Get out there early and you may just find a peak to yourself.



For the longboarders out there, we give you Daku! A boat from the local market will take you out to the island next to us, which is home to a deep water reef that churns out beautiful mellow waves waiting to be danced on. This spot is perfect for beginners looking to become more comfortable surfing reef breaks.


Philippine Deep

 A 30 minute boat ride will take you past a variety of postcard worthy islands and deeper water until you reach Philippine Deep. Due to its distance from land it is often not too crowded. Expect some of the longest right handers ever on your trip to be had here. After the initial take off the shoulder peels on for an eternity, often resulting in huge smiles. So there you have it, a number of the top spots here on Siargao just moments away from the lodge. We can’t wait to share the stoke with you both on land and out there in the water!









Brooke Mckallor