Island Hopping

Did you know the Philippines is composed of over 7,000 islands? While you probably won’t ever want to leave Siargao during your stay with us, we do recommend you spend a day island hopping while you are here. At Soultribe we can arrange for you to join a tour with one of our local operators where you will get to experience all three of these magical places:



Daku is the biggest of the 3 islands, but it is still pretty tiny. This is also the only inhabited island of the 3 islands you will visit. People here live with no electricity, the simple life at it’s finest. We love packing our lunches and renting a beach hut so we can run back and forth into the sea all afternoon. Did we mention the water is crystal clear? 

This is Guyam, one of our favorite small nearby islands. 

This is Guyam, one of our favorite small nearby islands. 

tropical island



Guyam is exactly what you think of when you think of a tropical island, sandy, round and covered in palm trees. You can easily walk around it in under 2 minutes. Make sure to get a picture on the iconic slanted palm tree and bring your snorkel gear. 



Naked Island

You have to make sure the tide is low before embarking to Naked Island, otherwise it won’t be there. Yes, you heard us right. Naked Island is simply a patch of sand that appears during low tide. There’s no trees or wildlife, hence the name Naked Island. It has the making for a perfect way to feel unplugged, it also is perfect for epic photo opportunities for when you do “plug” back in.  


There you have it. Let us know if you want us to help you schedule your ultimate island hopping adventure while you are here. 

Brooke Mckallor